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To my strong blaque brothas: A real man doesn`t make love to 100 different women one way... A real man makes love to one woman 100 different ways!!! Brothas, Don`t let too many good blaque women slip by you. Your creator is sending them your way...Recognize, appreciate and cherish her worth. After all we are your Nubian Queens, Ebony Princesses & Onxy Luvhers To my beautiful blaque sistahs: Do not be afraid to love our blaque brothas, we are a part of them. We came from them. We are united: Without them we would be nothing, without us they would be nothing. Love our educated ones, the thugged-out ones, the players, the ballers, the misguided ones, the baby mama drama ones...Love them for the shiny black armor they are in, love the shields of courage that they hold and love their swords of perseverance they swing, for it cuts down all the obstacles in their way. Sistahs love them all...
Music: Jazz, R&B and Reggae/Soca
TV: History, National Geographics and Lifetime channels
Books: The Bible, Callus on my Soul and Day Late and a Dollar Short
Sports: Boxing
Interests: Spending time w/ my family, reading, writing and singing
Movies: Coming to America, The Color Purple, Imitation of Life and Clue
BestFeatures: Eyes and Lips
Dreams: To see my children blossom into healhy, respectul, God fearing adults.

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