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i am a country chick so i love to go muddin n shit like that play on the farm what you see is what you get if you don't like it well you are missing out on a realy good n fun girl. and im not like other girls i dont like games at all
HighSchool: North Country District 22 High School
JuniorHighSchool: North Country Union Junior High School
Music: country n some rap
TV: csi, ice road truckers, heli loggers,swamp people, super natural,house, the simpsons,lock up, pitbulls and perolies, ex man, swamp loggers
Books: sometimes read but not that often
Sports: basketball, 4/wheeling,muddin,
Interests: im lookin for a good guy that wont ever hurt me in any way, a guy that wants to settle down n make a family n loves a girl that loves to do alot of shit.like cook n clean, a man that loves to get a back massege after a hard days of work. some nice good home made cookin.
Movies: 8 seconds,backdraft,latter 49,larry the cable guy health inspector, delta farce,superbad, varcity blues, honey,you got served,hancock,the condemed,the candy man,taladaganights,how she movies, never back down,click,big daddy, the rundown,the marine, open season,van halsing, underworld movies, chucky movies, queen of the damed, twilight
BestFeatures: my a$$
Dreams: to live a normal life n start a family someday

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